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Satellite internet is revolutionizing communication, allowing us to take high-speed internet anywhere, anytime! With this tool, you no longer have to worry about dead zones or working in remote locations. Satellite internet brings the web to places where conventional broadband service is unavailable.

Whether you are at your location for a few weeks or several years, our satellite service will provide you with high-performance, cost-effective internet access. This mode of internet is four times faster than DSL, offering speeds as high as 12-20Mbps down/3-5Mbps up and Wi-Fi access distribution. The terminal not only enables fast web browsing but also supports video streaming, file transfers, VPN connections, and bandwidth-intensive internet applications. With a supplied Wi-Fi access point, the satellite can sustain multiple user IP devices, such as PCs, cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and VoIP phones.

Just as important, we can do installations in 2-3 days. Think about that! How many times have you waited a week, even months, for your phones and internet to be installed? How often have you paid exorbitant prices for a T1 connection with a long-term contract? Our satellite solutions eliminate those costs and take the headache away.

Nationwide Communication Solutions
Satellite Trailer

In addition to fixed satellite solutions, we are thrilled to introduce our fleet of satellite trailers, designed in-house by Rockbottom to satisfy your internet needs. The satellite trailer is the ultimate solution for crews on the move and projects that require high connectivity at logistically-challenged locations. They are compact and easy to handle; and they allow you to take your communications infrastructure with you! Check out the overview below.



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