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How Often Should I Charge My Battery?

After 8 hours use of a fully charged battery, charge overnight.

Are the Radios Waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof. We also highly discourage the “Ziploc method” – the radio frequencies cause the plastic to burn, which leads to disastrous results. Walkie water bags are specially made out of a different material – contact Rockbottom about renting some.

If I Have a Personal Radio, Can It Be Used With the Rentals?

No, we issue different specific frequencies to every customer.

Will My Radio Work Without an Antenna?

No, it will not.

We're Midway Through Shooting - Can I Add a Walkie Repeater?

Yes, but keep in mind that walkies must be specially tuned for use with a repeater. If you think you will need a repeater for your project, please alert us at the start of production. Otherwise, we will have to recollect AND retune all of your walkies, and you will incur a charge for this service.


How Do I Activate My Phone?

Dial *228 on the phone, and select option 1 when prompted from the automated system options.

How Do I Check My Voicemail?

Dial *86 to call voicemail.

My Phone Number Shows Up as Blocked When I Make Calls - How Do I Remove This?

Please call our tech support or contact your Rockbottom representative to resolve this.


How Do I Reset My iPhone?

Follow this menu path: Settings> General> Reset > Reset All Contents and Settings

Why Can't I Dial *228 to Activate My iPhone?

iPhones may take a few minutes to register to the nearest Verizon tower. You will know it is ready to activate when you see Verizon listed.

Why Is My Battery Draining So Fast?

You may have too many apps running at the same time. Double click the Home button to open up the Multitask bar. When the apps you want to close scroll across the screen, swipe up to close them. This will give you a longer-lasting battery and faster performance.

I'm Traveling Internationally - How Do I Switch My iPhone to the Global Network?

When it comes to international roaming on your iPhone, please contact Rockbottom tech support.


How Do I Make a Call?

You must enter the phone number in an international format:
+ [International Access Code][Country Code][Phone Number] and press OK (hold down the “0” key to see a (+) sign appear on display).

How Do I Get the Best Signal?

A clear sky and distance from tall buildings and structures will ensure the best signal possible. Rotate the antenna upwards into a 45-degree position.

What is the PIN?

The 4-digit pin is 1111.

What Do I Do If There is a PIN Lock on the Phone?

Please call our tech support or contact your Rockbottom representative to resolve this issue.


Where Can I Find My Password?

The password is the WPA listed on the front and back of the MiFi.

What is My Network ID?

The network will shop up listed in this format: “Verizon Mifi2200 _ _ _ _”.

My Computer Shows I Am Connected to the MiFi, But I Am Unable To Access the Internet - What Can I Do to Fix This?

Press and hold the reset button through the pinhole on the back of the MiFi until the green “Wi-Fi” light flashes off and then back on. If the problem persists, call our tech support or your Rockbottom representative.


Where Can I Find My Password?

The password is the WPA listed on the front and back of the MiFi.

What is My Network ID?

The network will show up listed as “Verizon SCH-LC11”.


How Do I Connect to the Internet?

Install “VZ Access Manager” from the CD provided in the kit and run the software. If it does not auto-detect the USB, press the “Detect Device” button. Once detected, you may connect to the internet by pressing the green “Connect” button.

How Can I Download a Version of the VZ Access Manager That is Compatible with My Computer's Operating System?

Use this matrix to find your best software match:


How Do I Find This Junxion Under My Network List?

You can find the junxion listed as “Junxion _ _ _ _ _ _” on your computer’s network list. It is the same number labeled on the face of the junxion box.

Should the Red & Green Lights Be Blinking?

Both the red and green lights should turn solid as soon as it is active and ready for use. If the lights do not stabilize and continue to blink, please call tech support for assistance.

Why Does My Junxion Auto-Connect to My Computer?

Your computer memorizes Wi-Fi connections.

Can I Change the Password for the Junxion?

Yes, you can request a custom password before we send the junxion out to you, or we can change it remotely after you receive the device.

My Junxion Is Not Showing Up on My Computer - What Do I Do?

Wait until the red light on the back of the junxion starts blinking, then refresh your Wi-Fi network. The junxion should then show up. If not, contact our tech support.

Tech Support

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